About Jennifer

At a winter wedding in Unity, Saskatchewan. Yes, that is a sock monkey toque. I'm a dork like that.


 In ninja mode at a Rosenheim Church, near Provost, Alberta.


On a dock at Cold Lake, Alberta.


With a wedding party on a breezy bluff outside of Heinsburg, Alberta.


I LOVE my life. I live on a farm north of Vermilion, Alberta with my husband and our two amazing daughters, five dogs (four of them are outdoor dogs, the other one is my spoiled Pug/Boston Terrier), a roaming band of barn cats, chickens, ducks, and a commercial cow/calf operation. I love spending time with my family. I am lucky to live in my version of paradise.

I am passionate about creating things - woodworking, carpentry, crafting, sewing, quilting, upholstery and knitting. I want to learn how to weld. I am the queen of DIY!

I LOVE spending time in the kitchen - cooking, baking and canning. I have a fruit orchard, so I love making pies and jam. In the past year, I've also started making my own butter, cheese and yogurt. I love to feed my family and friends!

And of course, I love, Love, LOVE photography!

I have been a professional photographer since 2002, and I once travelled Alberta photographing horses, horse shows and the occasional rodeo. I was also a freelance writer and photographer for major equine and agricultural publications, and in 2003, I became a full-time reporter and then the editor of a local newspaper, where I honed my photojournalism skills. After our first daughter was born in 2006, I switched my focus from horses to humans, in order to be able to stay closer to home.

With such a varied background, I can say with confidence that I can shoot anything, anyone, anywhere! My style is crisp, colourful, and honest. I love telling the story of who you are in this moment in time, and capturing that for you to remember forever. I believe EVERYONE is beautiful as they are - no retouching needed!

Whether it's maternity photos, your beautiful newborn, adorable kids, your whole extended family, your graduation, your engagement, sexy boudoir photos for his eyes only, or your wedding day, or your event, I would love to be the one who tells your story.

My awesome daughters




My nephew, my two girls, and my niece